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MenuQR is a solution that offers restaurant owners the possibility to have their menus in digital format on their customers’ mobile phones!

The COVID-19 health crisis that started in March 2020 has forced many companies to adapt their way of working in order to continue serving their customers. Catering companies managers have been strongly impacted. In order to be able to guarantee a certain security, they had to find alternative solutions to their paper menus, which until then had been passed from hand to hand with the resulting health risks.

It is from this simple observation, and that of the increasingly important digitalization of our society, that ONE-O-ONE has imagined MenuQR, a solution that can help restaurant owners to be able to reopen their establishments after the period of confinement.

Even after the health crisis is over, this solution will continue to be useful to the catering industry, as it is an ecological and economical solution since paper menus no longer need to be printed. With this simple and intuitive solution, there is no need to be an IT professional or to call upon a professional to modify a digital menu. If a dish is no longer available, the restaurant owner can remove it from the menu instantly with a few clicks, and reactivate it once it is available again, so no more menus that are out of date, and costs are controlled.

Also, bar and restaurant customers will be delighted to be able to consult the menu of the establishment immediately after sitting down at the table, as at any time during their meal. They will no longer have to wait for a room manager to come and show them the restaurant menu. This saves time for both the customers and the restaurant.

ONE-O-ONE has developed MenuQR in partnership with Quiddesign and LayerBox
Please contact us if you would like to know more about this solution.

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